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Hello! I’m Valaine Hepner,

I'm a momma that loves Jesus, a wife, self-taught curious artist, 4-leaf clover hunter, dreamer, who is passionate about fairness and truth.

I live with my husband and two children in Pine Mountain, Georgia. We have a couple of Australian Shepherds and a very large Siberian cat! We love being outdoors.

I love to learn and study God's word. Sometimes I make handmade journals, jewelry, bookmarks, and other nature inspired art that icludes some of the 4-leaf clovers that we've found.

I like to create my art with Wabi-Sabi in mind. I believe that there is beauty in imperfection. Although I am a perfectionist, alas, I'm not perfect and so I can't expect my art to be.

Some things I'm currently interested in:

✥ Studying the book of Exodus in the Bible.
✥ Illustrating an old story I've written.
✥ Making macrame bracelets with 4-leaf clover charms.
✥ Decluttering and organizing my home and work area.
✥ Redecorating my new old home.

I've been an artist and have loved nature for as long as I can remember.

When I was 12 I painted a few oil paintings with Bob Ross. I also like to draw, write poetry, make friendship bracelets, and take pictures. I found a small interest for how books were made from the show Reading Rainbow. I've been making my own journals throughout the years ever since then.

While staying home with my children I learned how to play the guitar, embroider and crochet. I also figured out a little about web design and how to draw digitally. I went to an art college for a short time while my children were in school. That is when I discovered a renewed love for book making.

At the house we used to live in we began to find 4-leaf clovers! I wanted desperately to know how to save them so I spent many years experimenting with many different ways to preserve them to wear and for keepsakes.

I often spend my time outside to enjoy nature.

✥ My story about finding 4-leaf clovers ✥

I began stumbling upon 4-leaf clovers while entering a new chapter in my life.

The first 4-leaf clover that I found was in February of 2010 with my son just after my grandmother passed away. I was feeling so lost without her in my life. After we found the first one we some how began to find more!

Finding these little ephemeral treasures changed me and helped me grow stronger in my faith and closer to God. It gave me a new focus and kept my mind occupied as I quietly searched for them and prayed. The message that filled my heart during this time was that God was with me and I never have to feel lost or alone.

God knows and gives us what we need in our lives.

I began experimenting with preserving them. I like to use them in collages and jewelry. I don't believe in luck, but I do feel blessed every time I find one. I think God loves to give us little gifts like these every now and then, sort of like little bread crumbs, and I appreciate him giving me 4-leaf clovers so that I can create with them. My hope is that I can be a blessing to others with the gifts that I've been given. Someone once told me that I had a cottage ministry when I told them this story. I'd like to believe that is true.

Thank you for visiting and taking interest in my story, ~Valaine

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