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Hello! I’m Valaine Hepner,
the creator behind Figs&Clovers!

I live with my husband and two children in Senoia, Georgia. We have a couple of Australian Shepherds and a very large Siberian cat! We love being outdoors.

It's a pleasure to search for 4-leaf clovers to create with. When I can I spend a little time with my family to look through our clover patches. Most days we are able to find at least one! I am always thrilled and humbled to find these ephemeral treasures.

My humble business is home based where I spend my days working close to my family.

I make handmade journals, jewelry, bookmarks, and other nature inspired items mostly centered around the 4-leaf clovers we find.

Thank you for visiting! ♥✨🍀

We all get lost in the darkness sometimes. And when you’re so lost no one can find you, God can. He will always light a candle for you.

My Story About The 4-Leaf Clovers:

4-leaf clovers began appearing in front of me while I was entering a new chapter in my life.

The first 4-leaf clover that I ever found was in February of 2010 just after my grandmother passed away, I was feeling so lost without her in my life. After I found the first one I some how was able to find a second and a third! I was amazed and humbled!

Finding these little ephemeral treasures gave me a new focus and kept my mind occupied as I would quietly search for them and also pray. The message that filled my heart during this time of heartache was that God was with me and I never have to feel lost and alone. God knows and gives us what we need in our lives and for me I must’ve needed 4-leaf clovers! For some reason (only God knows) 4-leaf clovers have become a big part of my life now.

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