My name is Valaine Hepner.

I'm a momma that loves Jesus, a wife, self-taught curious artist, 4-leaf clover hunter, dreamer, passionate about fairness and truth.

I love to learn and study God's word. Sometimes I make handmade journals, jewelry, bookmarks, and other nature inspired art.

My story about finding 4-leaf clovers...

I began stumbling upon 4-leaf clovers while entering a new chapter in my life.

The first 4-leaf clover that I found was in February of 2010 with my son just after my grandmother passed away. I was feeling so lost without her in my life. After we found the first one we some how began to find more!

Finding these little ephemeral treasures gave me a new focus and kept my mind occupied as I would quietly search for them and also pray to God. The message that filled my heart during this time of heartache was that God was with me and I never have to feel lost and alone. God knows and gives us what we need in our lives.

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© 2020 Valaine Hepner

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